Boys  Hostel

In order to accommodate outstation students, SHEPA has constructed seperate hostels for boys and girls in its town premises. While, boys hostels is 100, the capacity of girls hostel is limited to 35. With a view to making the stay of students comfortable, both the hostels are blessed with the following facility:

  • Continuous supply of electricity with generator back.
  • Round the clock water supply.
  • Water cooler and gyser for cold and hot water facilities, respectively.
  • Mess facilities.
  • Common room equipped with TV and gym.
  • First-Aid box.
  • Regular visit of Medical Doctor.
  • Wi-Fi facility for 24 hour.

Faculty Accomadation

With a view to accommodating Faculty and Staff, there is adequate provision of Faculty and staff quaters in the SHEPA premises. The quaters are well furnished and fitted with all the household needs.